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Q We are interested in finding a new school photography company. Can you help with that?

We work with many great Independent School Photography Companies across the United States and Canada. Please click on this map to see if we have a school photography partner in your area.

Q How does YB2G create the mobile versions of our school’s yearbook?

YB2G requires a high resolution PDF file version of your school’s yearbook. From this “hi-res” file, YB2G utilizes proprietary conversion tools to create multiple mobile versions optimized for each supported device.

Q Where do I get our school’s yearbook high resolution PDF file that YB2G uses to create the mobile versions?

If your school is producing a printed version, all printers use a high resolution PDF to print your book. Check with your printed yearbook provider and they should be able to provide you with this file.

Q How do we transfer high resolution PDF to YB2G?

Contact YB2G sales or support and we would be happy to create a shared drop box for you. It is very easy to upload your yearbook file to your school’s shared drop box.

Q What if our school does not want to produce a printed yearbook and would simply like to offer the YB2G mobile versions?

YB2G can provide your school with Yearbook Creation Software and provide instruction on how to create your yearbook. When your yearbook is finished, YB2G uses this file to create your mobile yearbooks.