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Q Do Yearbooks To Go mobile yearbooks work on iPods?

Mobile yearbooks from Yearbooks To Go work on all iPods with TOUCH capability. They will not work on other iPod models. Click on this map to see if we have a school photography partner in your area.

Q If I buy a new mobile device, can I transfer the file?

Yes, if you purchase a new device, you will simply need to email Yearbooks To Go customer support at and provide us with the email address you used to download your original yearbook version. We will verify your email and issue a new download code good for an additional download of any version.

Q I’m trying to download my yearbook to an iPhone and am getting the following error screen…what’s causing this?


This download error image is a common download error message. This message can appear for many reasons. The primary reason for this error is that the mobile device being used does not have the iBooks by Apple app installed. This app is available at the app store and should be installed before downloading the mobile book. Another potential reasons for this error are slow download speeds due poor or non-optimal wireless connections. This message can also appear if data on a device is limited or near the max. This is rare but it can happen. If you receive this error message after installing iBooks, please try to connect and download on a faster network.

Q Do you have a list of compatible devices?

All Yearbooks To Go mobile yearbooks can be read on Kindle Fire, Nook, iBooks (iPad, iPod Touch, iPhone) and Android devices as long as these devices are up to date and/or have a compatible e-book reader app. “Up-to-date” means that iOS or Apple devices must be versions 5.0 or later. However, on very old e-readers, books may not be able to be read since the oldest e-readers do not have color screens. These old e-readers would have to be four or five years old or older, however. The first generation of Nook Colors and Kindle Fires can all display our books successfully. For Android devices please see our instructions page and download one of the two recommended e-reader apps if you do not have one.

Q How do I purchase additional copies of my mobile yearbook?

You will need to email Yearbooks To Go customer support at and provide us with the school code and the email address you used to download your original mobile yearbook. We will verify your email and provide you with a URL link to your school’s yearbook where you’ll be able to purchase additional mobile yearbooks at $9.95.

Q My spouse has a Kindle and I have a Nook but it’s not Color - Should I have the download code sent to my email or my spouse’s email? Will we be able to download it to either device regardless of who it's emailed to?

The download codes can be used to download one copy of the yearbook to any device regardless of who the email (download code) goes to.